The People’s Choice Award sponsored by Bing asks the world to vote for the Imagine Cup entry they think provides the best solution to the world’s toughest problems. Voting begins today (20 June). The winning team will be announced on stage at the Worldwide Finals and will receive $10,000 USD.

I would like you to vote for Peruvian Team “Wake Up”. Here you have their video:

Vote here:

About Wake Up

The second target of the millennium development goals is to achieve the same learning opportunities for everyone. There are 6 million people with Down Syndrome in the whole world.

Wake Up will stimulate the psychomotricity of children with Down Syndrome in its 3 domains: affective, cognitive and motor, in order to enhance their potential so they can obtain a better integration with the world around them. Wake Up’s goal is contribute to improved cognitive and motor processes of children with Down Syndrome to stimulate their perception, attention, memory, thought, intelligence, creativity, fine motor skills and their coordination.

Future Plans

Governments around the world are looking for different ways to achieve the same learning opportunities.

Wake Up propose to them an application for children with Down syndrome, it consists of the following 3 stages:

At its first stage Wake Up will spread through pilot centres of stimulation, in its second stage it will be rolled out through national programs for education and for social inclusion; finally Wake Up may be diffused by international organizations around the world.

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